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US-2012247741-A1: Heat exchanger and method of joining heat exchanger pipe patent, US-2012255653-A1: Method of processing steel and steel article patent, US-2012266012-A1: Method and system for recovery of a computing environment during pre-boot and runtime phases patent, US-2012266037-A1: Tap time division multiplexing with scan test patent, US-2012273015-A1: Dishwasher patent, US-2012298216-A1: Underwater hydrocarbon transport and temperature control device patent, US-2012305405-A1: Metal Trace Fabrication For Optical Element patent, US-2012328652-A1: Recombinant attenuated parvovirus patent, US-2012179-A: Means for inducing and distributing air currents patent, US-2012189-A: Automatic casting machine for metal bars as used in composing machines patent, US-2012473-A: Hair drier patent, US-2012691-A: Electrolytic condenser patent, US-2013002651-A1: Apparatus and Method For Texture Level Of Detail Computation patent, US-2013006202-A1: Automated Incremental Eyedrop Delivery System with Eyelid Retracting Legs patent, US-2013053915-A1: Method and system for determining pacing settings patent, US-2013056761-A1: Pixel array substrate patent, US-2013128879-A1: Local Identity Based On Called Number patent, US-2013158170-A1: Vulcanizable halogenated elastomer compositions patent, US-2013158191-A1: Method and Formulation For Reinforcing Elastomers patent, US-2013166863-A1: Application consistent snapshots of a shared volume patent, US-2013206846-A1: Universal rfid tags and methods patent, US-2013209369-A1: Nanoparticles based on gadoliium coordination polymers as highly sensitive t1 mri contrast agents patent, US-2013231938-A1: Method and Apparatus for Communication Between Humans and Devices patent, US-2013245114-A1: Composition for treating influenza a (h1n1) virus and a preparation method therefor patent, US-2013248737-A1: Quantum-yield measurement device patent, US-2013268512-A1: System for rating and recruiting sports players patent, US-2013285565-A1: Multi-Channel Two-Stage Controllable Constant Current Source and Illumination Source patent, US-2013288504-A1: Memory module connector with latch assist patent, US-2013328099-A1: Method for producing large lighting with power led patent, US-2013586-A: Device for changing gear patent, US-2014000880-A1: Method of direct steam generation using an oxyfuel combustor patent, US-2014017758-A1: Tubular electro-acoustic aggregation device patent, US-2014024604-A1: Glycopeptide phosphonate derivatives patent, US-2014027767-A1: Semiconductor Element, Semiconductor Device, And Method For Manufacturing The Same patent, US-2014031163-A1: Fan drive gear system torque frame pin retainer patent, US-2014032285-A1: Method and apparatus for using quick response codes in e-commerce patent, US-2014035026-A1: Semiconductor memory devices and methods of fabricating the same patent, US-2014052004-A1: Endoscopic camera illumination system and method patent, US-2014057436-A1: Three photomask sidewall image transfer method patent, US-2014065665-A1: Method and System for Analyzing a Blood Sample patent, US-2014066437-A1: Oxathiazine derivatives which are substituted with benzyl or heteromethylene groups, method for producing them, their use as medicine and drug containing said derivatives and the use thereof patent, US-2014069008-A1: Plant cultivation system utilizing phosphite as a nutrient and as a control agent for weeds and algae patent, US-2014069252-A1: Grooving method, grooving tool, and grooving tool holding structures patent, US-2014083940-A1: Membrane cleaning with pulsed airlift pump patent, US-2014097176-A1: Heater assembly patent, US-2014115408-A1: Maximum frequency and minimum voltage discovery patent, US-2014119885-A1: Turbine engine assembly and methods of assembling same patent, US-2014122220-A1: Apparatuses, methods and systems for measuring, and following up on user preferences among offer types and response options in a marketing campaign patent, US-2014128350-A1: Substituted Pyridine Derivatives Useful In The Treatment Of Cancer patent, US-2014162092-A1: Housing for a gas-tight rechargeable battery patent, US-2014168425-A1: Surveillance device patent, US-2014173954-A1: Plastic film with concealed tearable strip patent, BE-773466-A1: patent, US-2014193568-A1: Commercial lettuce packaging in the field patent, US-2014198447-A1: Heat dissipation device for memory cards patent, US-2014208286-A1: System and method for designing via of printed circuit board patent, US-2014221360-A1: Use of aminodihydrothiazines for the treatment or prevention of diabetes patent, US-2014242104-A1: Self-assembling peptide nanoparticles as vaccines against infection with norovirus patent, US-2014311995-A1: Vertical Storage System patent, US-2014370029-A1: Method for predicting responsiveness to a treatment with an egfr inhibitor patent, US-2014371473-A1: Process for the Preparation of 5-Hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF) patent, US-2015001390-A1: Fast switching, dual polarity, dual output high voltage power supply patent, US-2015037110-A1: Tool spindle and machining tool and method for machining workpieces patent, US-2015090283-A1: Cigarettes and cigarette filters including activated carbon for removing nitric oxide patent, US-2015092188-A1: Apparatus and Method patent, US-2010146552-A1: Interactive program guide with continuous data stream and client-server data supplementation patent, US-2011255597-A1: Method and System for Reducing Flicker Artifacts patent, US-2012003498-A1: Copper-zinc alloy electroplating bath and method of plating using same patent, US-2012068227-A1: Semiconductor device patent, US-2012137834-A1: Jaw assembly for gripping pipes patent, US-2012146141-A1: Electronic circuit control element with tap element patent, US-2012161393-A1: Jam detection in a card shuffler patent, US-2012228100-A1: Switch structure on sidewall of circuit board for electronic device and manufacturing methods of the circuit board patent, US-2012234849-A1: Waste container with odor control patent, US-2012291732-A1: Fluid brake device and variable valve timing apparatus patent, US-2012302653-A1: Initiator-tightened compositions patent, US-2012314321-A1: Position demodulation apparatus and position demodulation method patent, US-2013004725-A1: Two-color molded article and process for production thereof patent, US-2013013146-A1: Control of vehicle rollover patent, US-2013058949-A1: Antagonists of il-6 to prevent or treat thrombosis patent, US-2013069009-A1: Systems And Methods For Controlling The Gasification Of Hydrocarbon Feedstocks patent, US-2013130413-A1: Apparatus and method for in-situ endpoint detection for semiconductor processing operations patent, US-2013222252-A1: More useful man machine interfaces and applications patent, US-2013332312-A1: Virtual visual selection merchandising interface patent, US-2013336036-A1: Non-volatile memory having 3d array architecture with bit line voltage control and methods thereof patent, US-2014042666-A1: Method for the production of a cement mortar body and a unit for carrying out said method patent, US-2014056888-A1: High concentration antibody formulations patent, US-2014069530-A1: Check valve patent, US-2014093483-A1: Composition of cultured grape cells patent, US-2014111811-A1: Micromechanical tunable fabry-perot interferometer and a method for producing the same patent, US-2014112348-A1: Traffic flow management within a distributed system patent, US-2014130185-A1: Methods And Systems For Processing Content Rights patent, US-2014135977-A1: Method and System for Fulfilling Requests in an Inventory System patent, US-2014147250-A1: Turbine blade angel wing with pumping features patent, US-2014150248-A1: Methods and system for disassembling a machine patent, US-2014169071-A1: Semiconductor memory device patent, US-2014175401-A1: Red phosphorescent compound and organic light emitting diode device using the same patent, US-2014197411-A1: Method of forming step doping channel profile for super steep retrograde well field effect transistor and resulting device patent, US-2014251090-A1: Universal ratcheting tool patent, US-2014284597-A1: Oxide semiconductor film and method for forming oxide semiconductor film patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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